Services & Specialties

In addition to providing general clinical psychological services, Salt City Psychology offers a number of specialties.  

  • Adolescents: Struggling with adjustments to high school? Having trouble picking the right fit for college? Is it difficult to navigate relationships, friendships, sports, activities, and school? High school is a challenging time.  At Salt City, we work to help minimize the stress associated with this difficult time, allow for growth and reformation of identity, and engage adolescents in skill building and tools they can use now and in the future.
  • Therapy for 20-30 Somethings: Are you anxious, depressed, and or chronically wondering if you are headed in the correct direction? Worried about career, relationships, debt and money management, friendships, or your overall plan? Use therapy to help ease the anxiety and pressure associated with this tumultuous time. Clients use this specialized therapy to transform intention into action, and to feel more emotionally centered and in control. Clients discover meaning and increased capacity to manage occupation, relationships, career trajectory, esteem, mood, and whole body health. *Young couples are encouraged and accepted at Salt City.
  • Mood Management: Stress? Anxiety? Depression? Are your moods dictating how you behave at home and at work? Manage symptoms while learning lasting strategies to avoid cycles of stress, pressure, and anxiety. Finally, learn to free yourself from the constraints of a negative/overwhelmed mood. It is possible to feel in control of your reactions to yourself, others, and your environment.
  • Life Transition: Career Shift, Divorce, Loss, Retirement, Empty Nesting, Mid Life Slump, Graduation, New Parent, Relationships? Learn to redirect and rejuvenate your life course and find meaning from change, struggle, and transition. 
  • Specialization in Male Executives: Men! Re-define your life course. It is never too late! Learn to actualize your goals and ensure that you are leading the life you have envisioned. Looking to maximize your financial, emotional, relational, or parenting potential? This unique therapeutic service helps you strengthen relationships, build a stronger sense of purpose and control, and set meaningful emotional goals.
  • Weight & Body Image Services: Break through repetitive, self-destructive habits with food and the way in which you perceive yourself and your body. Develop an accepting and kind relationship with your body and its attempts to nourish itself in a balanced manner. Recognize poor self-care habits/routines and initiate lasting change. Rediscover a healthy relationship with yourself, your body, and with food. Clients finally experience control around disordered eating or chronic body image issues. Bariatric patients, pre- and post-operatively, are welcome!
  • Diagnostic Evaluation & Assessment: Have you been to more than one provider trying to treat your ongoing symptoms? Have you had a sneaking suspicion that something maybe wrong? Are you struggling to understand the information you have been given by another provider? Have you been misdiagnosed or have you struggled to find a provider that fits, to help you manage your symptoms and understand your life long struggles? Receive a meaningful assessment, information, and long-term strategies/techniques for managing your problems: ADHD, Depression, Anxiety, Panic, Bi-Polar Disorder, Personality Disorders, Trauma. Comprehensive psychological assessments and evaluations are available as are a la carte services.
  • Counseling for Men & Women over 35: Struggling to find your groove? Considering a career shift or going back to school? Have you recently married, had children, or undergone some other life changing event? Come talk about it! Life over 35 can be overwhelming. Let one of our therapists help you re-define your path!