Our Philosopy

When clients come to Salt City Psychology, they are accepted and supported around their struggle; we believe that struggle and pain are “normal,” and that a little help in life can go a long way. We know that all individuals deserve a place to create positive, lasting personal change.

A comforting, but engaged therapy environment should allow for meaningful self-exploration where lasting self-awareness can flourish. Using techniques for addressing obstacles, discarding negative self-image, old habits, and self-limitation we work to create interpersonal and familial balance, esteem, and whole body health. In therapy you will experience an engaged and educational evaluation process to identify your struggle. Your therapist will carefully evaluate your current trajectory, working to identify and enhance personal strengths, and minimize negative and self-limiting actions, thoughts, and feelings. From this process a true action plan for lasting change emerges.

Your course of therapy will be tailored from cutting-edge, research-based techniques as well as the best of traditional methodologies. We invite you to take the first step in our journey together by calling today - 801 758 7370.