Forensic Services

Trained by some of the leading forensic psychologists across the nation, Dr. Jonathan Bone is dedicated to providing comprehensive, objective, and understandable Forensic Psychological Evaluations related to a wide range of psycho-legal issues. Dr. Bone has testified in State Courts, Military Courts, and submitted expert opinions to Federal Court.

Dr. Bone recently completed consultative work for the State of Utah. In this role, he and his colleagues drafted the policies and procedures to evaluate Juveniles for Adjudicative Competency. These procedures will serve as the template for training Forensic Examiners throughout the State in evaluating adolescent adjudicative competency.

Our areas of expertise include the following. Please use side naviagation to see greater detail.

  • Criminal Law 
  • Civil Law 
  • Forensic Consultation 
  • Treatment Services
  • Traning & Education